A combination of old and new: Nine Eyes EP

Dorian Zoyd’s next release, Nine Eyes, currently nearing the end of the lyrics phase, is an interesting combination of old style and new. The EP will contain four tracks, with two being newly written and the remaining two with a more involved history.

This history is linked with Death/Rebirth, the first album of Lost Zoyd (or The Lost Zoyd, as it was known at that time). Following its release I conceived a follow-up album, which would have acted as a sequel to the story of its predecessor. That album never happened.

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Creative next steps

Having had a release-tacular February, now is a time for more creativity. I have two Dorian Zoyd EPs planned, each staking out a different style. The first is called Nine Eyes, and is projected as 4-5 tracks of dark trip-hop. The second has a working title of Robot, and is more upbeat and electronic, likely with 3 tracks.

I’m planning Nine Eyes for release in April, and Robot in the summer. Following that I will retool, and start work on the first Dorian Zoyd LP. Bring it on.

Dorian Zoyd’s “The Chaos Engine” released!

Yes, in a bumper February I have continued the run of releases with the first Dorian Zoyd single, “The Chaos Engine”. The tune actually comes from my rather unique radio-integrated hardware pop tune of the same name.

Featuring remixes from Spandex and machinesleet, “The Chaos Engine” is available for streaming and download from Bandcamp.

Futures EP version 1.2 has been released! I have spent the last couple of months completely revamping the app, primarily to make it compatible with the new iPhone form-factor.

Along the way I have given the app a fresh coat of paint, and added some extra media related to the open outcome record. Head over to the iTunes app store for a download.

The Chaos Engine to be first Dorian Zoyd release, with remixes

The cogs of my brain whirred and I realised that the upcoming remix of ‘The Chaos Engine’ (heading for the Diplodisc sampler) would make an excellent first release for Dorian Zoyd.

I’ve approached electronic wizards Spandex and machinesleet for their own remixes of my remix, should make for a solid record.

Tunes on Diplodisc

Some exciting news for 2014 – a couple of my tunes will be featured on a sampler by label Diplodisc! Alessandro Monti from the label contacted me about an old track called “Trees” (actually a Nick Dawe track feat. me on vocals and bass guitar), looking for it to go in the collection.

As I was also thinking of remixing “The Chaos Engine" and releasing it as its own track, and so suggested the track for the sampler also, to which Alessandro said yes! So, there you go, some good stuff to occur early in 2014.

Dorian Zoyd - the new project

After some deliberation I have decided that Lost Zoyd will be set aside to make way for an all new project: Dorian Zoyd. This project will continue on from where its predecessor was musically.

Why not just continue with Lost Zoyd? Well, I felt that Lost Zoyd possibly lacked a personality, and that giving the Zoyd a name would give the project more character.

Look for Dorian Zoyd to get some releases done in 2014, and in the meantime, follow on Twitter.

CreativePact failure

Yes, it’s true. I did a poor job of my CreativePact this year. I fell into “oh, I’ll just take this day off” syndrome after hitting a technical snag importing video into Final Cut Pro. Bring on next year!